Relex™ gives its lawyers ‘competitive edge’ over notaries

Relex™ gives its lawyers ‘competitive edge’ over notaries

For decades, notaries have been competing with lawyers for real estate conveyance fees.

In fact, in some B.C. real estate markets, notaries are involved in the majority of real estate transactions. Many lawyers have chosen not to compete with notaries’ low fees. As a result, they’ve lost significant business.

Relex™ recognizes this opportunity, and has provided a system that evens the playing field. Lawyers who take advantage of the Relex™ system have an opportunity to reclaim previously lost business. Most importantly, they can earn this business while providing superior service for their clients at the same time.

Lawyers have the unique privilege of an exemption from provincial real estate licensing requirements when representing their clients in the purchase or sale of a property. Notaries don’t have this exemption.

Relex™ provides its lawyers with the tools and resources to represent their clients throughout the entire real estate transaction: from start to finish. Clients of Relex™ lawyers not only receive legal services, but also services from Relex™ Realtors® for no additional cost. This means clients get exceptional service from two professionals. And it doesn’t cost them any more than the typical full-service Realtor® commission fees.

As a bonus to the client, the legal closing (conveyance) fees are included in their Relex™ retainer agreement.

Since notaries do not carry the same real estate licensing exemption that lawyers do, they are unable to provide the same level of service that Relex™ lawyers can.

“The Relex™ system gives lawyers a competitive edge over notaries. In some markets, this means an opportunity to tap into a large amount of business, previously claimed by notaries. On a personal level, I’ve been implementing the Relex™ system in my law firm for several years and I’ve seen incredible results.”
– Marie-Louise Fast, Real Estate Lawyer and Relex™ Partner.

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