A Proven System

The concept behind Relex™ has provided substantial results since 2009.

Connecting Lawyers and Realtors® across Canada

Relex™ was created to give Lawyers and their clients an incentive to work together with a Realtor® throughout the entire real estate transaction process. Relex™ Lawyers collect significantly more than the typical transaction fee, which is agreed upon in a Retainer Agreement with a client and an Engagement Agreement with a Relex™ Realtor®. Relex™ Realtors® have the opportunity to tap into a steady stream of repeat business through their relationships with Relex™ Lawyers. Clients are given great service by two professionals, with a promise of independent representation and undivided loyalty, plus the added bonus of saving all legal closing costs.

Our Team

The minds behind Relex™ combine decades of real estate and legal experience with proven success.

Dean Witala

Dean has 24 years of experience in real estate and has been utilizing the Relex™ concept in his own business since 2009. Since implementing the system into his business, he has been named to the top 10 per cent for sales volume by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver every single year.

“The referrals I receive from lawyers is the most consistent source of business I’ve seen from one source in our industry,” says Dean.

Marie-Louise Fast

Marie Louise (A.R.C.T., B.A., L.L.B.) has more than 30 years of experience in real estate law, which is her firm’s primary focus.

Marie-Louise has worked closely with Dean on real estate transactions in the past to provide her clients with one-stop service and independent representation when buying or selling a home.


Relex™ gives its lawyers ‘competitive edge’ over notaries

For decades, notaries have been competing with lawyers for real estate conveyance fees. In fact, in some B.C. real estate markets, notaries are involved in the majority of real estate transactions. Many lawyers have chosen not to compete with notaries’ low fees. As a result, they’ve lost significant business. Relex™ recognizes this opportunity, and has provided a system that evens the playing field. Lawyers who take advantage of the Relex™ [...]

Relex™ to Realtors®

When Realtors® and Lawyers partner together to provide clients with superior service, the result is a win-win-win. Welcome to Relex™. Finally there is a tangible opportunity for Realtors® to generate consistent business from a reliable, natural partner in the real estate transaction. Lawyers have always been a part of Realtors®’ transactions, but Relex™ has changed the direction. Instead of Realtors® sending their clients to a preferred Lawyer after a firm [...]

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