A New Source of Repeat Business

Relex™ offers Realtors® an opportunity to connect with Lawyers and receive a steady stream of unexploited business.

Teaming Up to Provide Exceptional Service

Relex™ Realtors® provide Relex™ Lawyers’ clients with consistently positive buying/selling experiences. In return, they will continue to be given repeat business from Relex™ Lawyers in the future.

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Become a Member

Sign up online to become a licensed Relex™ Realtor®. Complete the online registration process to become a member and start using the Relex™ system.


Connect with Lawyers

Utilize Relex™ to connect with the Lawyers who you want to do business with. After you’ve connected with a Relex™ Lawyer who is sharing a client with you, you will negotiate a fee arrangement with the Lawyer by way of an online Engagement Agreement before completing all required MLS® documents with the client.


Provide Great Service

Provide your service to the client the same way you typically represent your clients, with the additional terms in the Relex™ Engagement Agreement.


Complete the Sale

Be sure the completed sale transaction sheet reflects the terms of your initial Engagement Agreement with the Relex™ Lawyer, and collect your commission. If you provide great service, the Relex™ Lawyer is more likely to send you more clients in the future.

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