More Revenue. Satisfied Clients.

Relex™ gives Lawyers the opportunity to collect the legal fees they deserve, and the peace of mind that their clients are receiving great service.

Teaming Up to Take Care of Clients

Relex™ Lawyers share their clients who are looking to buy or sell real estate with Relex™ Realtors®. Clients receive great service during the buying/selling process and Relex™ Lawyers are rewarded for their service by earning exponentially more revenue than a regular real estate transaction.

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Become a Member

Sign up to become a licensed Relex™ Lawyer. Complete the online registration process to become a member and start using the Relex™ system.


Identify and Represent

When your client has indicated he/she is in need of real estate services, engage with a Relex™ Realtor® to represent the client alongside you. You will negotiate a fee arrangement with the Realtor® by way of an online Engagement Agreement. This will be a percentage of a typical listing commission amount.


Sign Documents

Your client will then sign your Relex™ Retainer Agreement before signing MLS® documents with the chosen Relex™ Realtor®. The Realtor® will serve your client during the real estate transaction, keeping you informed throughout the entire process. This includes forwarding all offers to you and copying you on all correspondence so you can advise and protect your client.


Complete the Sale

After the Relex™ Realtor® has helped your client through the buying/selling process, you will collect the agreed upon legal fees on closing, as per the Engagement Agreement and Retainer Agreement. The step by step structure will walk you through the entire Relex™ process, start to finish, making it a breeze to complete.

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