Working Together to Serve Buyers & Sellers

Relex is a service provider that allows Lawyers to represent their clients together with a Realtor® during the buying/selling process. Clients are given great service from a Relex Lawyer and Realtor team, while saving legal closing costs. It’s a win-win-win.


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Team up with a Realtor® or Lawyer to sell more real estate.


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Lawyers earn more revenue per transaction; Realtors® get more business.

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Relex - Increase Your Clientele and Start Earning More Money

Start Earning More Money

Relex for REALTORS®

Relex™ for Realtors®

Relex™ provides Realtors® with a gateway to an untapped source of business.

Connect with Lawyers

Utilize Relex™ to connect with the Lawyers who you want to do business with. Sign up and be placed in the Relex™ online Realtor® directory. Provide great service; receive more lawyer clientele.

Simple Online Agreements

The Relex™ system makes it easy to do business with Lawyers. The simple step-by-step process allows both Lawyers and Realtors® to sign all relevant Relex™ documents online, without complication.

Take Advantage

When it comes to Relex™, the early bird will get the worm. Be first to establish relationships with Lawyers through Relex™ and receive a steady stream of lawyer clientele for years to come.

Relex allows Lawyers to share their clients with REALTORS® during the buying/selling process.

Relex™ for Lawyers

Relex™ allows Lawyers to share their clients with Realtors® during the buying/selling process.

Superior Client Representation

Your clients will be spared the legal closing costs on every transaction while getting the services of two professionals for the price of one.

Simple Online Agreements

The Relex™ system makes it easy to do business with Relex™ Realtors® and your clients. The simple step-by-step process allows all parties to generate and sign Relex™ documents online or in person, from the Retainer Agreement to the final invoice, without complication.

Earn More Revenue

Relex™ Lawyers have the opportunity to earn exponentially more revenue with nearly no additional overhead by collecting higher legal fees on closing.

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