Relex™ to Realtors®

Relex™ to Realtors®

When Realtors® and Lawyers partner together to provide clients with superior service, the result is a win-win-win.

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Finally there is a tangible opportunity for Realtors® to generate consistent business from a reliable, natural partner in the real estate transaction. Lawyers have always been a part of Realtors®’ transactions, but Relex™ has changed the direction. Instead of Realtors® sending their clients to a preferred Lawyer after a firm sale, Lawyers send their clients to a Relex™ Realtor® and become part of the representation from the beginning. That’s smart representation…and a great source of business.

For nearly a decade, the opportunities for lead generation have focused almost completely on the Internet and Social Media. Too often, Realtors® spend precious time chasing leads that will never come to fruition.

Relex™ sets Realtors® up to obtain quality business on a consistent basis, because Lawyers have clients who are looking to buy or sell real estate. By providing exceptional service for Lawyers’ clients, there are no limits to where a Realtor®’s business can go thanks to this untapped source.


Be one of the first to establish relationships with Lawyers in your area through Relex™. The longer you wait, the more likely another Realtor® will connect with a Lawyer who you already have established a business relationship with. Act quickly, and create a steady stream of unexploited business!

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